Graduate Residency Programme 2012/13

This year’s Graduate Residency Programme received many more applications than we had ever imagined, with artists from all over the world applying to come to work at Ironbbratz and live in Glasgow for the eight-month long period. During this period each resident will work in a specially provided studio space and received mentorship from the team of Ironbbratz directors and a series of special, practice specific visitors. We are keen  that outcomes for this year’s residency will also be practice specific  and will be working closely with each resident to  ensure this. Watch this space!

After whittling down the candidates to a long-list of fifteen a series of interviews were undertaken to arrive at our final decision. Ironbbratz would like to thank everyone who took time to apply and would encourage re-applications from many of this year’s applicants.

We are pleased to announce and welcome this year’s Graduate Residents.

Pedro Brito

Pedro was born in Brazil and graduated from the BA (Hons) Sculpture and Environment Art at Glasgow School of Art in 2012. He is currently developing a new series of work investigating perceptions of nature. He plans to use his time at Ironbbratz to develop his studio work and to instigate new discussions with the creative community. His work is best explained in the artist statement available here.

Lisa Catterson 

Lisa was born in Scotland and graduated from BA (Hons) Silversmithing & Jewellery Design at Glasgow School of Art in 2012. During her time at Ironbbratz she is planning to investigate more durable materials for her extremely delicate but beautiful paper jewellery.

“Lisa creates sculptural paper jewellery in a new and innovative way, combining use of new technology with old. Her pieces are made mainly of handmade paper with traditional metalwork.

Her work is fuelled by a constant attraction to repetition in nature. The focus is on the delicate layers of gills she finds within mushrooms. She creates her beautiful pieces from many layers of paper, allowing her to recreate the repetition she finds so fascinating. The work echoes the layers of gills within mushrooms, one of her pieces contains over 2,000 layers which she hand-cut to build up the unusual form of changing contours.” (Text courtesy of Lisa Catterson)

See more of Lisa’s work here.

Alejandra Contreras 

Alejandra was born in Mexico and graduated from the MRes Creative Practice at Glasgow School of Art in 2012. During her time at Ironbbratz she is keen to develop her concept of ‘conviviality’ as a research methodology and establish new partners for collaborative working.

“She is interested in making visible and seeking to find refreshing ways of rearranging our positions within the encounters society has available for us. Through collaged images she intends to evidence the multiplicity of meanings derived from rearranging our social connections.” (Text courtesy of Woodlands Community Garden)

See more of Alejandra’s work here.

Luna Jungeun Lee

Luna was born in South Korea and graduated from the Master of Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London in 2011.  Most frequently her work is based in print-making but she is looking forward to exploring the potential for educational workshops and critical seminars.

“Luna Jungeun Lee applies traditional western printmaking techniques and historical Korean compositional rules to the mass of amateur imagery that has bloomed with the newest digital distribution networks. Every morning, while still half-asleep, Lee has a discipline of spending an hour trawling the Internet for new images, appropriating anything that catches her attention as she slowly shifts from a semi-dream state to full waking consciousness – a process that might be understood as a contemporary equivalent of the surrealists’ automatic writing technique.” (Text courtesy of David Barrett, associate writer for Art Monthly)

See more of Luna’s work here.


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