Current Members

Interested in studio space? We have three really nice spaces that will be free from the beginning of March. We’d love to hear from you to book a visit.

Ironbbratz is home to 33 individual studios with over 50 members. Here’s a selection of links to check out.

Aralene Adamson // Allenomis // Black Cherry Studio // Oliver Braid // Alan Campbell // Michelle Connor // Olga Criado-Monleon // Rae Duncan // Katie Eyre // Gioia Mia // Hazel Gore // Patricia Hasling // Clive Jackson // Tawny Kerr // Trent Kim (L Motif) // Hilary Louden // Make It Glasgow // Laura Molloy // Marlena Morris // Natalia Palombo // Pidgin Perfect // Rachael Rebus // Mandy Reid-Foster // Sue Reid-Sexton //Ashley Russell // Emily Shepherd // Kenneth Whyte // Marcella Wylie

Ironbbratz is run through co-operative directorship.

Current directors are Dele Adeyemo, Marc Cairns, Natalia Palombo, Becca Thomas.


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